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Edit Shkreli makes history as first Albanian Judge in New York City, sworn in at Bronx Supreme Court

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In a historic moment at the Bronx Supreme Court, Edit Shkreli, an accomplished legal professional, has been sworn in today as the New York City Civil Court Judge for Bronx County, representing the 1st Municipal Court District.

Emerging victorious in a special general election on November 7, 2023, Judge Shkreli secured her place in history as the first Albanian to serve as a judge in the city.

Expressing gratitude to her fellow Bronx residents for their overwhelming support, Judge Shkreli conveyed her honor and humility in assuming the role. Born in Shkodër, Albania, she and her family immigrated to New York City during her teenage years due to civil unrest in their home country.

Over the ensuing 25 years, Judge Shkreli and her family embraced the challenges of immigrant life, becoming integral members of the Bronx community.

Judge Shkreli’s educational journey, from Saint Barnabas High School in Woodlawn Heights to graduating with honors from New York Law School in 2011, reflects her commitment to academic excellence.

Having clerked for Supreme Court Justices in Bronx and Westchester Counties, she gained extensive experience in handling diverse legal matters, including consumer credit, commercial landlord-tenant, matrimonial, personal injury, and commercial division actions.

Beyond her legal accomplishments, Judge Shkreli’s dedication to community engagement is evident. Having coached Bronx public school children in the Thurgood Marshall Junior Mock Trial Program and actively participated in various committees of Bronx Community Board #11, she has consistently given back to the community that shaped her.

Additionally, Judge Shkreli serves as an adjunct professor at New York Law School, further contributing to legal education and community enrichment.

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