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Delta Flight 135 emergency landing leads to stranded passengers in remote Canadian military base

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Over 200 passengers found themselves marooned at a secluded Canadian Forces Base in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, for more than 21 hours after Delta Flight 135, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, encountered mechanical issues compelling an emergency landing. The ordeal began on Sunday, as the aircraft’s crew cited engine deicing problems, necessitating an urgent descent.

Goose Bay Airport, known for its extended runway, became the unexpected refuge for the Delta flight, emphasizing the priority of safety, as explained by CBS News senior travel adviser Peter Greenberg. However, stranded passengers faced harsh conditions, enduring freezing temperatures during the prolonged wait on board, some having been without a substantial meal for over 15 hours.

Despite Delta dispatching a rescue flight on Sunday, operational constraints due to crew timing out and adverse weather conditions left the passengers in a state of limbo. Stranded overnight, they sought refuge in military barracks since the nearby town of Goose Bay lacked the capacity to accommodate the unexpected influx of visitors.

Monday brought a glimmer of hope as a second rescue flight successfully took off from Goose Bay before an impending winter storm.

More than 24 hours after the emergency landing, the passengers, weary but relieved, finally touched down in Detroit. Delta issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to its customers, citing adverse weather conditions and airport operational challenges as contributing factors to the extended delay.

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