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Anti-Semitism claims roil US university as freedom of speech in spotlight

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In the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Columbia University in New York finds itself embroiled in a divisive debate over freedom of speech and the boundaries of expression. Campus protests in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights have become a regular occurrence, with hundreds of students voicing their opinions on the Gaza conflict.

The protests have intensified since Israel’s retaliatory offensive against Hamas, resulting in increased tensions on the prestigious campus. Some students, adorned in keffiyeh headscarves and displaying Palestinian colors, call for an end to the fighting, while others chant slogans perceived by some as controversial.

Amidst this backdrop, accusations of anti-Semitism have surfaced against pro-Palestinian groups on campus, leading to a clash of perspectives. The university, known for its history of vibrant debate, witnessed a similar spotlight during the Vietnam War protests in the 1960s.

The situation escalated after the October 7 attacks when students voted in favor of divesting from Israel, a decision rejected by the university’s administration. Pro-Palestinian groups deny fostering anti-Semitism, countering that the administration is pro-Israel, fueling further discord.

Faculty members express varying opinions, with classics professor Joseph Howley supporting the boycott of Israel, highlighting unprecedented “unease or tension” among faculty. Two pro-Palestinian student groups faced temporary suspension for breaching university rules and promoting “threatening rhetoric and intimidation.”

The university’s response has been met with criticism from some faculty members, who argue that the suppression of speech is motivated by allegations of stirring up anti-Semitism and pressure from donors. The conflating of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is deemed by some as hindering open debate on campus.

Amid the polarized atmosphere, the university administration emphasizes heightened security measures since October 7 and

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