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Colorado Supreme Court blocks Trump from presidential primary ballot, sparking political turmoil

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Colorado’s supreme court ruled that Donald Trump is ineligible for the US presidency due to his involvement in the January 2021 Capitol assault.

The 4-3 majority invoked the 14th Amendment, barring individuals engaged in insurrection from holding office, with the ruling specifically affecting Trump’s presence on the Colorado primary ballot.

Trump’s campaign promptly announced plans to appeal, criticizing the decision as undemocratic and suggesting a partisan agenda. The court, however, defended its judgment, emphasizing the weight of the constitutional questions at hand and the duty to apply the law impartially.

The ruling, temporarily on hold until January 4, anticipates an appeal to the US Supreme Court. Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, accused the Colorado court of acting in alignment with a left-wing group’s agenda and insinuated interference in favor of President Joe Biden.

Reactions to the decision were swift and polarized. Noah Bookbinder from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington lauded the ruling as a pivotal moment for democracy, while senior Republicans, including Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, expressed strong dissent. DeSantis, a 2024 Republican nominee contender, called for the US Supreme Court to overturn the decision, emphasizing concerns about potential abuse of judicial power.

This legal development adds complexity to Trump’s political future, already under scrutiny due to indictments related to the 2020 election. Similar 14th Amendment lawsuits across the country, including a recent rejection in Minnesota, indicate a broader legal battle over Trump’s eligibility for future office. The ruling has ignited a fierce debate, highlighting the deep divisions within the Republican Party over Trump’s continued influence.

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