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New York City Councilmember Velázquez launches initiative to provide holiday meals for NYCHA residents in need

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In a significant move to address food insecurity among New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents, Councilmember Marjorie Velázquez unveiled a collaborative effort between the Public Housing Community Fund, the New York City Hospitality Alliance Impact Foundation, and Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. (MoCaFi). The initiative aims to support nearly 3,000 NYCHA residents across 40 developments in all five boroughs during the holiday season.

This partnership introduces MoCaFi MasterCard-branded Immediate Response Cards, generously provided by Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. These cards will offer relief to residents, including those at NYCHA Pelham Parkway, Boston Road Plaza, and Randall Avenue-Balcom Avenue in District 13, who have endured gas outages. The Immediate Response Cards are specifically earmarked for purchasing holiday meals this winter.

With the escalating cost of living in New York City, these funds come as a timely aid for families facing financial hardship. Councilmember Velázquez emphasized the urgency of addressing the food scarcity issue, particularly during the holiday season. The collaborative effort underscores the commitment of all involved parties to support communities in need, especially those awaiting the resolution of gas outages.

Councilmember Velázquez stated, “It is unacceptable that our poorest communities bear the brunt of the rising cost of living in New York City, exacerbating food scarcity during the holiday season. We live in one of the richest cities on the planet, and no one should have to starve during this time.

Partnerships like this one are vital in addressing food insecurity throughout New York City, and I want to express gratitude to the Public Housing Community Fund, New York City Hospitality Alliance Impact Foundation, Mobility Capital Finance, Inc., and the New York City Housing Authority for their collective efforts to ensure our Bronx residents have wholesome meals to celebrate the holiday season.”

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