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Montreal-based pornhub owner escapes charges in sex trafficking case, agrees to $1.8m settlement

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Aylo Holdings, the parent company of popular adult content platform Pornhub, has avoided criminal charges in connection to a sex trafficking operation. Instead, the company has agreed to a $1.8 million settlement with the United States government and committed to compensating victims, according to officials on Thursday.

The resolution comes in the form of a deferred prosecution agreement, announced by the US Attorney’s Office.

As part of this arrangement, Aylo Holdings will appoint an independent monitor for three years to ensure strict adherence to the agreement terms.

The $1.8 million payment to the United States will be made, with additional unspecified monetary compensations allocated for individuals adversely affected by the sex trafficking activities associated with Aylo’s platforms.

US Attorney Breon Peace emphasized the accountability of Aylo Holdings, stating, “This deferred prosecution agreement holds the parent company of Pornhub.com accountable for its role in hosting videos and accepting payments from criminal actors who coerced young women into engaging in sexual acts on videos that were posted without their consent.”

The case revolves around Aylo’s hosting of pornographic videos created by GirlsDoPorn (GDP) on its various websites, including Pornhub.com, starting in 2009. GDP’s operators faced sex trafficking charges in California in 2019, accusing them of deceiving and coercing young women into participating in explicit videos posted online without their consent.

As part of the settlement, Aylo Holdings has committed to making payments to the women whose images were posted on its platforms, offering some form of restitution.

The agreement includes an independent monitorship to ensure ongoing compliance with the terms laid out, providing a layer of oversight.

Peace expressed hope that the resolution would bring closure to those negatively affected by the sex trafficking activities associated with Aylo Holdings and its platforms.

Importantly, the US Attorney’s Office emphasized that Aylo would face prosecution if it were to breach any terms outlined in the deferred prosecution agreement, underscoring the importance of continued compliance in this complex legal matter.

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