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NORAD’s Santa tracker overcomes technical glitch

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The joint US-Canadian military monitoring agency, NORAD, successfully continued its mission of tracking Santa Claus’s journey across the globe. Despite a brief technical hiccup in the 3-D, interactive website at www.noradsanta.org, the NORAD Santa Tracker brought joy to children everywhere, allowing them to follow Santa and his reindeer on their magical delivery route.

The origins of this festive endeavor trace back to a Colorado newspaper advertisement that inadvertently directed children to a military hotline.

Responding to the innocent mistake, then-Director of Operations Colonel Harry Shoup initiated the Santa tracking tradition by checking radar data to update kids on Santa’s whereabouts.

This year’s Santa Tracker, available on the NORAD website, offers an engaging experience, allowing users to click and explore details about the various cities along Santa’s route. However, a temporary glitch left children in the Pacific region momentarily in suspense about Santa’s exact location. NORAD swiftly reassured the eager audience on their Facebook page, assuring them that Santa was still on his way to Fiji.

In addition to the online tracking, NORAD upheld its commitment to answering children’s questions through a temporary call center established at its Colorado headquarters. A heartwarming photo shared on Facebook depicted rows of dedicated individuals, some in uniform and others donning red Santa caps, spreading holiday cheer by responding to the inquiries of excited children.

Amidst the festive activities, NORAD, known for aerospace and maritime control, also fulfills crucial defense functions.

This includes monitoring for potential missile launches, a task that may cross Santa’s mind as he soars over regions like North Korea, which recently conducted an ICBM test.

Despite the technical glitch, NORAD’s unwavering commitment to the Santa Tracker tradition continues to enchant children worldwide, adding a touch of magic to the holiday season.

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