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China allocates $56.33m in additional funds for earthquake relief in Gansu, Qinghai

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The Chinese government has earmarked an additional 400 million yuan (approximately $56.33 million) on Monday to bolster disaster-relief endeavors in the quake-stricken provinces of Gansu and Qinghai. This allocation comes in response to the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that rattled northwestern China.

The Finance Ministry outlines that the funds will be primarily directed towards immediate relief, the relocation of quake victims, subsidies for families who lost members in the quake, and the reconstruction of damaged housing to meet the basic needs of those affected.

This new injection of financial aid brings the total quake-relief funds allocated by the Chinese government to 1.1 billion yuan, with 845 million yuan aimed at Gansu and 255 million yuan dedicated to Qinghai. Meanwhile, the death toll from the powerful earthquake has risen to 149, with two individuals still missing. The tremor, China’s most potent earthquake in years, left homes in ruins and triggered devastating mudslides in Qinghai province.

State broadcaster CCTV reports that the death toll in Donghai city in Qinghai has increased to 32, with rescuers still searching for two missing people. In Gansu, authorities have reported 117 dead, nearly 1,000 injured, and over 14,000 homes destroyed, marking China’s deadliest earthquake in nine years.

Jishishan county in Gansu saw primary schools resuming classes in tents, with local authorities planning repairs during the winter break. Efforts to erect temporary housing for survivors facing freezing temperatures are also underway, with 500 units already built in Meipo village, Gansu.

More than 87,000 people have been resettled post-quake, causing significant economic losses estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars in the agricultural and fisheries industries. Premier Li Qiang, during his visit to affected areas, emphasized the top priority of ensuring warmth and safety for survivors during winter. Funerals, in accordance with Muslim traditions, have been held throughout the week in the impacted region.

China’s seismic activity primarily targets its western regions, including Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan provinces, as well as the Xinjiang region and Tibet. The most devastating earthquake in recent memory was the 7.9-magnitude tremor in 2008, claiming nearly 90,000 lives in Sichuan province and prompting extensive efforts to rebuild with more resilient materials.

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