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Nikola Jokic desires life beyond spotlight: “I Don’t Really Like This Life”

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Denver Nuggets’ star Nikola Jokic has opened up about his aversion to fame, expressing his desire for a life away from the spotlight once his basketball career concludes.

In a revealing conversation on teammate Michael Porter Jr.’s podcast, ‘Curious Mike,’ the multi-time MVP emphasized his wish to be remembered as a father, not just a basketball player. Jokic aspires to live without the constant intrusion of fame, even considering giving up his phone to fully embrace a normal existence.

The 7-foot Serbian standout admitted his discomfort with public attention, stating, “Being famous, I think some people like it. I don’t, really.” Jokic shared his disdain for being photographed in public, expressing a desire for anonymity during everyday activities.

Paradoxically renowned for his private nature, Jokic’s muted reaction to the Nuggets’ championship win last year became a viral sensation. Despite his reluctance towards fame, Jokic’s exceptional skills and on-court achievements have kept him in the spotlight, making it challenging to maintain a low profile.

While detailing his future aspirations, Jokic outlined a vision of family-centric days and a passion for horse racing.

He unveiled a secret goal of spending time with his horses in various locations, including Italy, Sweden, and France, hinting at a post-basketball life filled with simple pleasures.

Acknowledging the role of media in the lives of athletes, Jokic expressed his discomfort with the attention, emphasizing that basketball players are fundamentally just good at what they do.

Despite his wish for a quieter life, Jokic’s outstanding performances this season continue to shine, with nearly averaging a triple-double.

In the podcast, Jokic reflected on the impact of winning a championship, describing how the team built a winning lifestyle and the profound effect it had on fans.

He emphasized the joy of making people happy through the game, underlining the deeper purpose he sees for basketball players on Earth.

As Jokic navigates the dichotomy of stardom and a desire for normalcy, fans are left intrigued by the prospect of the Serbian giant finding solace beyond the basketball court.

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