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New York State Thruway implements toll increases to fund modernization, safety

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In a move to address the growing needs of the state’s Thruway infrastructure, the New York State Thruway Authority has officially put into effect approved toll rate hikes, excluding the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. The authority’s board of directors sanctioned two 5% toll increases, effective as of January 1, 2024, with an additional increase slated for January 1, 2027.

These adjustments, aimed at financing the Thruway’s modernization, safety measures, and escalating maintenance costs, result in an annual fixed toll rate hike of $0.50 for N.Y. E-ZPass customers at the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge until 2027.

Post these increments, E-ZPass holders will see an approximate half-cent increase per mile, non-E-ZPass holders a 3 1/2 cents rise, and Tolls by Mail users and non-E-ZPass holders just under 3 cents more per mile.

To provide context, these adjustments translate to an additional cost of 8 cents for E-ZPass holders traveling from Hudson to Canaan, 10 cents from Verona to Syracuse, and 11 cents from Geneva to Rochester.

The Thruway Authority justifies the differential in tolls for non-N.Y. E-ZPass and Tolls by Mail customers by citing additional processing costs and aiming to encourage customers to adopt an N.Y. E-ZPass tag.

In the previous year, drivers in New York contributed over $800 million in state Thruway tolls, reflecting the significant financial reliance on the toll system to sustain and enhance the state’s vital transportation network.

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