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Migrant drop-offs raise concerns as new bus protocol sparks unintended consequences

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In response to Mayor Eric Adams’ recent announcement of a stringent bus protocol for migrant drop-offs in New York City, unexpected consequences have emerged.

The executive order, implemented last week, dictates a specific time window between 8:30 a.m. and noon for buses to arrive, with a mandatory 32-hour notice. However, reports indicate that migrants are now being dropped off in New Jersey, raising concerns among local officials.

Mayors of Jersey City and Secaucus attribute the sudden influx of migrants in their communities to the strict requirements imposed by Mayor Adams. Mayor John Gonnelli of Secaucus expressed concern, suggesting that the stringent rules may have inadvertently led to a loophole exploited by bus operators to ensure migrants reach their final destination in New York City.

Despite the growing issue, no enforcement action has been taken against any bus operator, according to City Hall statements on Monday. The Adams administration maintains that the new mandate aims to coordinate new arrivals effectively, emphasizing that it is not intended to impede migrants from coming to the city.

Kayla Mamalek, Mayor Adams’ deputy press secretary, criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott for treating asylum seekers as political pawns and alleged that families were being dropped off in surrounding cities and states in the cold of night, echoing a similar situation in Chicago.

New York City officials report a recent surge in migrant arrivals, with 14 buses arriving overnight two weeks ago. Mayor Adams, who has sought federal aid during the ongoing influx, has yet to receive additional assistance despite making ten trips to Washington in December.

To enforce compliance, buses violating the new rules could face a Class B misdemeanor, resulting in fines and potential vehicle impoundment. Outside the city, some mayors have taken independent action to prevent surprise migrant drop-offs. Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann issued a migrant bus ban, imposing a $750 fine per person dropped off and potential impoundment for buses violating the order.

City Hall reports that over 161,000 migrants have arrived in New York City, with more than 67,000 currently under the city’s care, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

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