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Harvard President alleges ouster due to campaign of lies, insults

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Former Harvard University President, Claudine Gay, who resigned on Tuesday, asserts that her departure was fueled by a sustained onslaught of falsehoods and personal attacks.

In response to plagiarism accusations and her handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations during the Israel-Hamas conflict, Gay contends that critics relied on lies and ad hominem insults rather than reasoned arguments. The New York Times published her statement, where she addressed the recycling of racial stereotypes and the promotion of a false narrative about her competence.

Recent reports, including anonymous accusations in a conservative online outlet, raised concerns about Gay’s citation of scholarly sources. Additionally, her ambiguous response during congressional testimony on the potential violation of Harvard’s code of conduct regarding the genocide of Jews fueled further controversy.

Claudine Gay, the first Black president of Harvard, born to Haitian immigrants, sees her situation as emblematic of anxieties related to demographic changes on American campuses. Despite initial backing from the Harvard Corporation, criticism emerged over the university’s response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Corporation acknowledged Gay’s resilience but refrained from offering an apology.

Calls for apologies have surfaced from a House Republican who questioned Gay during her testimony. The controversy surrounding her resignation highlights the complex intersections of race, diversity, and governance at prestigious academic institutions.

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