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Mayor Adams addresses migration challenges in radio appearance

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Mayor Eric Adams joined “The Reset Talk Show” on a Caribbean culture-focused media platform this Friday to discuss his administration’s limited authority in managing the influx of migrants to New York. During the program, Adams clarified that stopping buses transporting migrants wasn’t within the city’s jurisdiction, addressing a common inquiry from the public.

Responding to criticisms, Adams refuted claims that resources were disproportionately allocated to migrants over long-term New Yorkers, emphasizing that certain benefits were restricted for asylum seekers. Despite this, he acknowledged the frustration among some residents regarding the high cost of providing services.

In the same vein, Governor Kathy Hochul expressed support for Adams’ legal action against bus companies transporting migrants from Texas, echoing the sentiment that New York is bearing the consequences of decisions made elsewhere. Hochul praised Adams for his handling of the situation, considering the lawsuit a crucial initial step.

In response to the lawsuit, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas dismissed it as baseless, asserting that migrants, once allowed to stay in the U.S., were choosing to travel voluntarily to New York. Adams’ legal challenge relies on a section of the state social services law, obliging those bringing others to New York as public charges to cover the costs of care.

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