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NBA Star Draymond Green reinstated following 12-game suspension, warriors awaiting boost in performance

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NBA All-Star Draymond Green has been reinstated by the league after serving a 12-game suspension for his involvement in an on-court incident with Phoenix center Jusuf Nurkic on December 12.

The Golden State Warriors’ key player, known for his competitive edge, faced disciplinary action for striking Nurkic in the face. The NBA’s decision to reinstate Green follows an evaluation of his commitment to aligning his behavior with the league’s standards for player conduct.

During his suspension, which commenced on December 14, Draymond Green engaged in various corrective measures, including consultations with a counselor and participating in multiple joint meetings with representatives from the league, the Golden State Warriors, and the National Basketball Players Association. These ongoing sessions are aimed at ensuring sustained behavioral improvements throughout the season, highlighting the NBA’s commitment to maintaining a standard of sportsmanship among its players.

This marks the second suspension for Green in the current season, as he previously faced a five-game penalty in November for an altercation with Minnesota center Rudy Gobert. The league’s decision to suspend Green was influenced by what they termed as his “repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.” The Warriors, currently grappling with a 17-18 record, are eager to welcome back Green, whose absence has impacted their performance, with a 7-5 record during his suspension.

Despite the setbacks, Green’s return is anticipated to be a significant boost for the Golden State Warriors, who are set to face the Toronto Raptors in their upcoming game on Sunday. The team, which secured Green with a new $100 million deal last summer, has felt the financial impact of his suspension, with the player losing nearly $1.9 million in salary. As the Warriors strive to regain their championship form, Green’s role on the court is deemed crucial in their pursuit of success in the competitive Western Conference.

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