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Trump seeks to have Georgia case dismissed on immunity grounds

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Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has been actively pursuing the dismissal of the extensive election subversion case in Georgia, contending that he is shielded by presidential immunity.

The charges, brought forth by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis last year, assert that Trump and 18 others orchestrated a “criminal enterprise” to overturn his electoral defeat to Joe Biden in the state. While four co-defendants have entered guilty pleas, Trump and others, including the former president himself, maintain their not guilty pleas.

In their legal defense, Trump’s attorneys assert that the accusations presented by Willis fall squarely within the bounds of his official duties, providing grounds for immunity from prosecution. They argue that the indictment addresses actions intrinsic to Trump’s role as President, emphasizing that it should be dismissed with prejudice. This strategic legal move hinges on the concept of presidential immunity, which is currently a focal point in multiple legal battles involving the former president.

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court is set to hear arguments regarding claims of immunity in a separate federal election subversion case led by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith. Trump intends to attend the proceedings in person, underscoring the significance of the ongoing legal challenges surrounding the issue of presidential immunity.

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