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Vehicle Crashes into White House gate

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A vehicle collided with an exterior gate of the White House complex, prompting the detention of the driver by US authorities.

The Secret Service reported the occurrence shortly before 6:00 pm, highlighting that President Joe Biden was away at the time, raising questions about the nature of the incident—whether it was a mere traffic accident or a deliberate attack.

According to Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the US Secret Service, the collision took place on the northeast side of the complex, leading to anticipated “traffic implications” at the intersection of 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Guglielmi stated on social media, “The driver has been taken into custody & we are investigating the cause & manner of the collision.”

While the vehicle was later cleared by Washington police, the investigation into the incident continues, with the driver remaining in custody.

The Secret Service’s vigilance underscores the ongoing efforts to maintain security around the presidential mansion.

This incident follows a series of high-profile trespassing events in recent years, prompting increased security measures.

In 2020, concerns led to the installation of a higher, tougher metal fence around the iconic White House perimeter.

Notably, in 2017, an individual scaled a fence and roamed the grounds for over 16 minutes before being apprehended, while in 2014, a disturbed US Army veteran breached the White House fence, sprinted across the lawn, and entered the building with a knife during President Barack Obama’s tenure.

The latest crash renews focus on the challenges of safeguarding the historic residence against security threats.

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