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Russian soldiers face equipment shortages resort to stealing essentials

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Russian soldiers have faced severe equipment shortages, forcing them to resort to stealing essential items such as clothing, razors, and backpacks from their comrades.

The alarming revelation comes from Tatiana, the wife of a serviceman identified as Sergei, who shed light on the dire conditions faced by troops deployed to the front line.

Sergei, lured by the promise of lucrative salaries introduced by the Kremlin to boost recruitment, was met with harsh realities upon arrival.

Tatiana recounted that during their initial mission, soldiers lacked basic tools like shovels and were simply dropped off in an empty field.

The lack of gloves, warm underwear, and ammunition added to the challenges, leaving soldiers ill-equipped for the demanding conditions.

Tatiana shared the struggles her husband faced, emphasizing that he had to spend a significant portion of his monthly income, triple his civilian earnings, on basic supplies.

In a desperate attempt to cope, soldiers have reportedly resorted to “looting from their own people,” as Tatiana disclosed instances of stolen warm gloves and backpacks containing essential clothing.

The dire situation extends beyond material shortages, with reports indicating that some soldiers lack means of communication, hindering their ability to stay in touch with loved ones. Tatiana expressed bewilderment at the internal theft, stating, “They steal from their own. How can this be?”

The plight of Russian soldiers on the front line has triggered protests in Moscow by a group of servicemen’s wives, advocating for soldier rotation away from the frontline or demobilization.

Reports have highlighted the systemic issues within the Russian military, including violated contractual agreements, prolonged service beyond agreed-upon terms, and allegations of punishment for those who speak out against the conditions.

Despite the gravity of the situation, some wives remain hesitant to voice their concerns, fearing potential repercussions for their spouses.

Tatiana revealed, “Some women think that we should ring all the bells, while others ask us not to write anything,” citing fears that commanders may retaliate against soldiers labeled as war losses.

As this troubling situation unfolds, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has yet to respond to inquiries, leaving the international community and the families of servicemen anxious for a resolution to the challenges faced by Russian soldiers on the front line.

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