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New York migrant surge takes center stage in Mayorkas impeachment hearing

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In a pivotal move towards the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, House Republicans are emphasizing New York’s migrant crisis during the initial hearing.

Representative Anthony D’Esposito asserted, “Our governor has said flat out there’s no room left in New York. There’s no room at the inn. Don’t send migrants here anymore,” setting the tone for the proceedings.

Preliminary reports presented by House Republicans underscore conditions in New York City, spotlighting alleged violent crimes by migrants and the financial strain imposed by the surge of asylum seekers on the city. D’Esposito, in an interview outside the hearing room, declared, “He has taken an oath. He’s failed his oath, and he deserves to be impeached.”

New York’s swing district Republicans are unanimously signaling their support for ousting Mayorkas, with some having visited the border last week alongside House Speaker Mike Johnson and fellow GOP members. Representative Marc Molinaro conveyed that if Mayorkas worked for him, he would have fired him, while Representative Nick LaLota labeled Mayorkas as the “worst cabinet Secretary in our nation’s history.”

Amidst the accusations, Representative Mike Lawler, during a border trip interview, criticized Mayorkas for failing in border security responsibilities and alleged false statements before Congress. In contrast, Democratic Representative Dan Goldman accused the GOP, including those from New York, of engaging in political theatrics and using impeachment for electoral gains.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, a bipartisan group of Senate Democrats and Republicans continues negotiations on a potential border policy deal. However, House Republicans are already cautioning that they may not accept such an agreement, emphasizing the deep-rooted divisions surrounding the contentious issue.

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