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Joe Biden’s reelection campaign sets fundraising record, amasses $97m in 4th quarter

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President Joe Biden’s bid for reelection has achieved a significant milestone, with the campaign reporting an impressive fundraising total of over $97 million during the fourth quarter of 2023.

This remarkable financial boost has elevated the incumbent president’s campaign war chest to an impressive $117 million, establishing a new benchmark for Democratic candidates at this juncture in the election cycle, according to statements from the Biden campaign.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez expressed pride in this historic achievement, attributing the success to robust grassroots enthusiasm within the Team Biden-Harris coalition. In an official statement, Rodriguez declared, “This historic haul sends a clear message: the Team Biden-Harris coalition knows the stakes of this election and is ready to win this November.” The unprecedented cash-on-hand position underscores the formidable financial strength of Biden’s reelection efforts.

While the fourth-quarter fundraising figures for the leading Republican contenders, including former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, remain undisclosed, the Biden campaign confidently anticipates outpacing their financial contributions. TJ Ducklo, senior adviser for the Biden campaign, asserted, “While most of the Republicans have not yet announced their fundraising numbers, we fully expect to lap them − several times.”

The Biden campaign’s financial trajectory has been consistently upward, starting with $91 million at the beginning of October following a $71 million third-quarter fundraising haul.

The campaign’s robust performance was further fueled by its strongest fundraising month in December, contributing to a total of $235 million raised since Biden’s reelection bid announcement in April. Notably, nearly 1 million donors have contributed, with 97% of donations being less than $200, reflecting a broad base of support with an average contribution of $41.88.

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