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City implements curfew at four migrant shelters amid rising concerns

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In a response to growing concerns from both residents and leaders, the city of New York has implemented a curfew at four migrant shelters, including the facility located on 110th Street in Manhattan. This move, spearheaded by Mayor Eric Adams, aims to address issues arising from the increasing number of migrants seeking shelter, including disturbances in neighboring communities.

Harlem resident Torin Williams recently made a generous donation of sneakers to migrants at the 110th Street shelter, emphasizing the need for collective support. Mayor Adams acknowledged the evolving nature of the crisis, stating, “We’re learning things that we can do where we’re not so rigid.” The imposed curfew, running from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., is part of the city’s effort to maintain order and prioritize the health and safety of both migrants and residents.

Community members and leaders have long advocated for curfews at certain shelters, expressing concerns about migrants venturing into neighborhoods for food and money. Harlem resident Rachel Vannucci highlighted the necessity of containment, stating, “Having it contained in an hour would be great.” Emergency Management Department Commissioner Zach Ischol explained that similar curfews were implemented at various sites over the summer, emphasizing their role in managing bed capacity and ensuring overall safety.

The curfew affects shelters across different boroughs, including two in Queens, the Judo Center on 35th Avenue, the JFK Center on North Boundary Road, the Stockton Center on Stockton Street in Brooklyn, and the Lincoln Manhattan Center on Central Park North in Manhattan.

With a combined capacity to house nearly 2,000 single adults, the curfew seeks to strike a balance between aiding migrants and addressing the concerns of residents in proximity to these shelters. As the city continues to grapple with an influx of migrants, there is a call for New Yorkers to contribute actively to support those in need, as emphasized by Torin Williams: “Give me something so they don’t have to go out here and steal and rob nobody.”

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