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Governor Hochul advocates for four more years of mayoral control for mayor Adams

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Mayor Eric Adams has set to embark on a critical mission to Albany, where he will fervently advocate for the extension of mayoral control over New York City’s public school system.

However, his plea faces resistance from a less receptive legislature, as demonstrated by comments from Queens Democrat John Liu, who chairs the state Senate’s New York City Education Committee, highlighting concerns about the proposal’s fiscal implications.

Governor Hochul, despite encountering pushback from her budget announcement day, reaffirms her support for Mayor Adams during her recent address in Albany. She asserts, “I once again support New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ request to continue mayoral accountability of the school system for another four years.” Hochul’s stance aligns with a legislative framework allowing mayors to appoint a chancellor and a majority of the Panel for Educational Policy, a group pivotal in shaping school policies.

The roots of mayoral control trace back to Michael Bloomberg, who initiated the shift from a highly politicized school board to a system where mayors wielded significant influence. Critics, including Queens Assemblyman David Weprin, decry what they perceive as a pattern of mayoral dominance over educational policies, citing dismissals of dissenting voices on the Panel for Educational Policy.

As Mayor Adams faces a looming June expiration of his current two-year term, some elected officials express concerns about his handling of education matters. State Sen. Jessica Ramos accuses Adams of fostering distrust by engaging in school cuts and delaying crucial education reforms, such as reducing class sizes. Lawmakers like John Liu oppose Governor Hochul’s swift support, preferring a more deliberative approach to assess the longstanding system’s efficacy.

The legislative scrutiny Mayor Adams faced two years ago resurfaces, with lawmakers emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of school governance. They contend that decisions on mayoral control should be grounded in the city’s history, underscoring the legislature’s role as a vital check on mayoral power. The ongoing debate signals a critical juncture for the future of education governance in New York City.

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