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Poll reveals increase in favorability rating for Governor Kathy Hochul

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In a recent Siena poll released on Monday, Governor Kathy Hochul’s favorability rating has experienced a noteworthy upswing, marking the first time it has entered positive territory in almost a year. According to the Siena Research Institute, Hochul’s favorability now stands at 45%, a notable increase from the 40% recorded in November. Additionally, her job approval has seen a rise from 48% to 52% over the same period.

Despite this positive shift, the poll sheds light on some concerning statistics for Governor Hochul. When assessing her ability to address key issues in the state, a significant proportion of registered New York voters expressed doubt about her capacity to make the state safer, enhance its desirability, reform the mental health care system, increase housing supply, and position New York as the global hub for artificial intelligence. Notably, a majority of Republicans and pluralities of Democrats and independents doubt her ability to make progress on these fronts.

Governor Hochul’s job approval rating finds support primarily within her own party, with a robust 72% approval rating among Democrats. Conversely, more than three-quarters of Republicans and over half of independents disapprove of her performance.

Regarding foreign aid, the poll indicates sustained support for aid to Ukraine, albeit slightly reduced from 52% to 50% since November. However, 45% of voters disapprove of additional aid to Israel, a decline from 51% in the previous poll. Notably, a partisan divide emerges, particularly concerning aid to Israel, with Democrats and independents leaning against it, while Republicans show marginal support.

Noteworthy in the poll is President Joe Biden’s declining favorability rating, reaching its lowest point at 43%. Similarly, his job approval rating has hit a new low of 44%. Despite this, he maintains a lead over former President and GOP front-runner Donald Trump among New York voters, securing a 46% to 37% advantage. Among Republicans, Trump’s favorability remains robust at 80%.

The poll collected responses from 807 registered New York voters, carrying an overall margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points.

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