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Trump gears up for final new Hampshire rally

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Former President Donald Trump is set to hold a final rally in New Hampshire, with polls indicating a strong lead over his sole remaining challenger, Nikki Haley.

The rally comes after a twist in Trump’s day, as his planned attendance at a sexual assault defamation trial in New York was postponed due to a sick juror.

Despite facing multiple challenges, including two impeachments and four criminal cases, Trump has successfully solidified his far-right influence within the Republican party.

The latest Washington Post/Monmouth poll reveals Trump’s substantial lead in New Hampshire, with 52 percent support compared to Haley’s 34 percent.

Supporters, such as 72-year-old Tony Ferrantello from Keene, express unwavering commitment to Trump, emphasizing his perceived leadership and strength for the country.

The New Hampshire primary is crucial for Haley, who aims to halt Trump’s momentum, especially after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out over the weekend.

Haley, the former South Carolina governor, faces an uphill battle against Trump, who is poised to repeat his success in Iowa and likely secure the Republican nomination. The evening rally in Laconia is expected to showcase Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” message.

Trump’s strategy to turn legal challenges into political opportunities resonates with hard-core Republican right-wingers, a key demographic in the nomination race. The postponed defamation trial, featuring writer E. Jean Carroll seeking over $10 million in damages, underscores Trump’s approach.

Haley has intensified her criticism of Trump in recent days, highlighting perceived declines in his mental competence. She aims to appeal to less-partisan voters in New Hampshire, contrasting with the conservative base in Iowa. However, with DeSantis endorsing Trump, the businessman’s momentum appears unstoppable.

As Trump builds momentum, Democratic President Joe Biden plans a major rally in Virginia, focusing on abortion rights as a potential vote-winner. Trump, on the other hand, labels Haley a “globalist,” tapping into isolationist sentiments within the far-right.

If Haley exceeds expectations in the New Hampshire primary, it could rejuvenate her campaign for the subsequent primary in South Carolina.

Nevertheless, Trump seems on track for a potential coronation, eyeing “Super Tuesday” on March 5, where 874 delegates could secure him 75 percent toward the nomination. Aides anticipate Trump to close out the race by April.

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