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U.S. House members advocate rules change to enable remote voting for new mothers

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Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a first-term Republican from Clearwater, Florida, has introduced a bipartisan bill seeking to modify U.S. House rules.

Luna’s proposed legislation advocates permitting members who are new mothers to cast votes remotely from home during the first six months of their babies’ lives. The bill challenges existing House restrictions mandating physical presence in the chamber for voting on legislative matters.

During a recent news conference, Luna highlighted the need for this change, emphasizing that only 0.1% of the institution’s members have given birth while in office. She asserted that the House’s current practices are out of touch with the experiences of average Americans. Luna, 34, cited her personal struggles with health complications, including preeclampsia, and argued that these challenges hindered her ability to attend crucial House sessions.

This proposal comes on the heels of the termination of a pandemic-era initiative allowing proxy voting, a move celebrated by House Republicans who claimed abuse by members attending personal events. Luna’s initiative, however, seeks an exception for new mothers, acknowledging the unique circumstances they face during the early months of their children’s lives.

Democratic Representative Sara Jacobs of California, Luna’s co-sponsor, emphasized the importance of making Congress more accessible to young parents. She spoke of her own experience with fertility preservation, emphasizing the unpredictability of both the legislative schedule and the challenges faced by expecting mothers. Luna’s press conference drew bipartisan support, with representatives like Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jared Moskowitz of Florida backing the proposal.

Moskowitz argued that as the age profile of Congress members becomes younger, rules must adapt to accommodate the changing demographics. A Pew research report indicated a decline in the median age of House members, from 59 to 57.9 years in 2023. Republican Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee echoed the sentiment, stating that new mothers in Congress should not be forced to choose between serving their constituents and caring for their newborns.

While Luna’s proposal has garnered bipartisan backing, responses from House Republican leadership remain pending. Earlier criticisms from House Democrats about the elimination of proxy voting in the 118th Congress were referenced, emphasizing the restriction it imposed on lawmakers’ ability to fulfill their duties during personal or family emergencies.

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