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Biden secures key endorsement from United Auto Workers amidst looming Trump rematch

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President Joe Biden clinched the endorsement of the United Auto Workers (UAW), America’s largest car workers union. This development comes on the heels of Donald Trump’s triumph in the New Hampshire primary, setting the stage for a highly anticipated rematch for the White House.

Following Trump’s decisive victory in New Hampshire, both Biden and his Republican predecessor positioned a November election rematch as inevitable, despite polls indicating that most Americans may not be keen on a repeat of the 2020 contest. Biden’s moment of good news arrived as he sported a black union baseball cap, standing with his arm raised, after the influential UAW threw its support behind him—a substantial boost for his quest for a second term.

Expressing gratitude for the endorsement, Biden stated in Washington, “Let me just say I’m honored that you have my back and I have yours,” as union members echoed his name. Notably, the UAW’s backing marked a pivotal moment in the battle for the blue-collar vote against Trump.

The UAW endorsement coincided with Biden’s campaign intensifying its focus on the upcoming election against Trump, who secured his second consecutive primary victory in New Hampshire. Trump, in his victory speech, targeted his sole remaining Republican challenger, Nikki Haley, vowing to “get even.”

Despite Haley’s determination to continue her campaign, history suggests a formidable challenge, as no Republican has ever won both opening contests without ultimately securing the party’s nomination. Meanwhile, Trump’s rhetoric against Haley hinted at the contentious nature of the upcoming campaign.

In response to the endorsement, UAW Chief Shawn Fain criticized Trump, asserting that the former president “doesn’t care” about workers and accused him of wanting to “screw the American working class.” Fain emphasized the union’s commitment to advocating for a ceasefire, particularly in light of Biden’s support for Israel’s offensive on Gaza after the October 7 Hamas attacks.

As Biden gears up for a potential November rematch with Trump, the UAW’s endorsement serves as a crucial pillar in his strategy to win over working-class voters—a demographic that played a pivotal role in battleground states during the 2020 election. The UAW, known for its campaigning influence, had hesitated to endorse Biden, with disagreements over his stance on electric vehicles and previous divisions among its members in the 2020 election. The union’s endorsement, however, underscores Biden’s persistent efforts to secure their support, including becoming the first U.S. president to join a picket line during the union’s strike against major U.S. car manufacturers last year.

Despite the disruption caused by pro-Gaza protesters during Biden’s speech to the UAW, the union remains committed to pushing for a ceasefire, urging the White House to join their efforts. As the election dynamics unfold, the endorsement from the UAW adds a crucial dimension to Biden’s strategy, particularly in appealing to the working-class voters who have proven influential in recent electoral outcomes.

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