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MAGA speaker Mike Johnson backs Texas gov’s defiance against Supreme Court

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MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson has thrown his support behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s controversial decision to defy both the Supreme Court and the federal government, sparking a constitutional crisis that is causing top Republicans to align with what some are calling an act of treason.

The heart of the matter lies in Abbott’s refusal to allow the removal of razor wire along the Mexican border, despite a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Biden administration.

Governor Abbott has gone so far as to deploy the National Guard to prevent federal intervention and to continue erecting the controversial barriers.

As tensions escalate, the options for peaceful resolution on President Biden’s table dwindle.

Johnson, taking a bold stance, tweeted, “I stand with Governor Abbott. The House will do everything in its power to back him up,” shortly after Abbott released a letter outlining his plans to disobey the court.

The gravity of the situation cannot be overstated, as Abbott’s actions are perceived by some as a direct threat of insurrection or even secession.

Alarming is the swift support garnered from fellow Republicans, raising questions about their loyalty not only to the United States but also to their party.

Critics argue that Republicans are prioritizing their political interests over the nation’s well-being, perpetuating a narrative of corruption within the party.

Amidst this constitutional turmoil, President Biden faces the critical task of holding those involved accountable for what some perceive as a dangerous and divisive move.

The nation watches anxiously as the clash between state and federal powers unfolds, leaving the future of the United States in the balance.

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