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Cluxatawney Henrietta takes center stage at Muscoot Farm’s annual Groundhog Day celebration

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In what has become a beloved annual tradition, Muscoot Farm is gearing up for its sixth consecutive Groundhog Day celebration, promising a day filled with excitement and unique weather predictions courtesy of their famed feathered forecaster, Cluxatawney Henrietta.

As the sun rises on Groundhog Day, residents will gather around Muscoot Farm, eager to witness whether Cluxatawney Henrietta, the resident hen, will lay an egg, signaling the arrival of an early spring.

This alternative twist to the conventional groundhog weather prediction has captivated the community for years, making Muscoot Farm’s celebration a highlight on Westchester County’s calendar.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer expressed the significance of Cluxatawney Henrietta in local Groundhog Day festivities, stating, “Cluxatawney Henrietta has become synonymous with Groundhog Day in Westchester County. The anticipation every year of our hometown hen predicting the weather is unmatched.”

Parks Commissioner Kathy O’Connor echoed Latimer’s sentiment, highlighting the popularity of Muscoot Farm’s celebration, saying, “Muscoot Farm’s Groundhog Day celebration has become one of the County’s most popular traditions and is fun for residents of all ages to participate in.”

The unique approach of using a hen as the weather oracle has not only added a touch of whimsy to the tradition but has also garnered attention beyond the local community. Muscoot Farm Director Jonathon Benjamin humorously remarked, “While we don’t have a groundhog on the farm, Cluxatawney Henrietta continues to rise to the challenge as our weather predicting animal. She gives groundhogs across the country a run for their money every year!”

Beyond the weather prediction spectacle, Muscoot Farm’s Groundhog Day celebration promises an array of kid-friendly activities and treats, making it a family-friendly event that appeals to residents of all ages.

As Westchester County prepares to once again embrace the feathered prognosticator, Cluxatawney Henrietta, Groundhog Day at Muscoot Farm stands out as a unique and cherished tradition, blending agricultural charm with meteorological anticipation.

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