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Henrietta’s Eggstraordinary forecast: Early spring predicted at Muscoot Farm’s annual Groundhog Day celebration

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In a cracking turn of events, Westchester County’s own feathered forecaster, Cluxatawney Henrietta, laid an egg this morning at Muscoot Farm, defying tradition and predicting an early spring for the sixth consecutive year.

The quaint farm in Katonah once again hosted its unique Groundhog Day celebration, diverting from the usual groundhog predictions and relying on the clucky intuition of Henrietta.

The event, filled with kid-friendly activities and delectable treats, has become a beloved annual tradition in Westchester County.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Cluxatawney Henrietta has become synonymous with Groundhog Day in Westchester County. The anticipation every year of our hometown hen predicting the weather is unmatched.”

Parks Commissioner Kathy O’Connor added, “Muscoot Farm’s Groundhog Day celebration has become one of the County’s most popular traditions and is fun for residents of all ages to participate in.”

Director Jonathon Benjamin, overseeing the farm’s unconventional forecasting method, commented, “Cluxatawney Henrietta continues to rise to the challenge as our weather predicting animal, as we don’t have a groundhog on the farm. She gives groundhogs across the country a run for their money every year!”

With Henrietta’s eggstraordinary feat, Westchester County residents can now set aside their winter woes and look forward to an early burst of spring, all thanks to the clucky oracle of Muscoot Farm.

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