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Abbott criticizes Adams’ plan to provide prepaid credit cards to migrants as ‘insanity’

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott sharply criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ recent initiative to furnish migrants with prepaid credit cards, denouncing the proposal as “insanity,” “reprehensible,” and “offensive.” Governor Abbott, a stalwart Texas Republican, expressed his disapproval on Fox Business, characterizing the plan as perhaps the most objectionable development in the past 48 hours.

Governor Abbott drew attention to the timing of the announcement, closely following an incident captured on video where migrants assaulted two police officers near Times Square, subsequently being released without bail. He underscored the public’s outrage, extending beyond New York, attributing the underlying cause to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. Speaking with Maria Bartiromo, Abbott condemned the situation in New York as outrageous and reflective of broader concerns.

Over the past year, Governor Abbott has consistently dispatched busloads of migrants who crossed the southern border into Texas to New York City. Upon arrival, these migrants find accommodation in various shelters, including the Roosevelt Hotel, Floyd Bennett Field, and a tent city on Randall’s Island. Specifically, individuals residing in the Roosevelt Hotel are set to receive prepaid credit cards through a program administered by Mobility Capital Finance, a New Jersey-based company, aimed at facilitating their access to essential resources such as food.

The ongoing tension between Governor Abbott and Mayor Adams highlights the broader discord surrounding immigration policies and their consequences, with Abbott maintaining a critical stance on initiatives he perceives as detrimental to public safety and indicative of larger systemic issues.

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