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Adams extends paid parental leave for non-union city workers

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The Adams administration declared an extension of paid parental leave for non-union city employees, doubling the duration from six weeks to a noteworthy 12 weeks. Additionally, the administration unveiled a comprehensive initiative providing up to 12 weeks of paid time off for employees with “seriously ill” family members, facilitated through a New York state program.

This announcement, made on Friday, underscores Mayor Eric Adams’ commitment to enhancing the overall welfare of the city’s workforce. Mayor Adams expressed, “Expanding parental leave and providing support for those caring for sick family members are crucial measures not only to retain the skilled workforce essential for our city’s functionality but also to align with our administration’s commitment to bolstering the average working-class family in our metropolis.”

As part of these sweeping changes, non-union city workers will now enjoy an annual pay raise of 3%, retroactively effective from May 2021, extending through 2025. Furthermore, employees will be entitled to a substantial lump sum bonus amounting to $3,000. These progressive benefits and financial incentives are set to apply to over 10,000 city employees, a move intended to fortify the overall well-being of the workforce.

It is noteworthy that the majority of the city’s workforce, comprising more than 300,000 individuals, currently benefits from family and parental leave provisions through their respective unions. However, this extension of benefits to non-union workers signals a broader effort to address the unique needs of a significant segment of the city’s labor force.

This announcement comes at a crucial juncture for New York City as it grapples with challenges related to employee retention amid a prevailing hiring freeze. The strategic implementation of these enhanced benefits aims to not only attract and retain top talent but also to demonstrate a commitment to the overall welfare of the city’s working-class families.

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