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Biden plans to hold N.Y. fundraiser with Obama, Clinton in March

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President Joe Biden has announced plans to join forces with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in March for a high-profile fundraiser in New York aimed at bolstering contributions for his reelection campaign. The trio took to social media platforms to unveil their intentions.

Scheduled for March 28, the event’s venue remains undecided, although the Biden campaign is considering larger venues to accommodate a larger audience. This departure from Biden’s typical campaign appearances, which have often catered to smaller groups of supporters and donors, underscores the significance of the occasion.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Obama shared, “Folks – I’ll be in NYC on March 28th to support @JoeBiden. Who’s coming with me? Chip in for your chance to join,” alongside an image featuring Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the handwritten message “Let’s finish the job” next to Biden’s signature. Clinton humorously responded, “Count me in. Who else is going to be there?” prompting a light-hearted exchange with Biden.

The upcoming gathering comes amidst President Biden’s heightened fundraising efforts since December. His campaign reported record-breaking donation totals in January, buoyed by a successful write-in campaign that secured him victory in New Hampshire’s unsanctioned Democratic primary on January 23. Despite not actively campaigning in the state, Biden received over 96% of the votes cast.

Biden’s reelection bid has emphasized early and robust action, with deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty asserting the mobilization of their coalition around the significance of the upcoming election. The president has previously leveraged New York’s prominent donor network, hosting fundraisers with Wall Street executives and entertainment industry figures.

Despite his fundraising successes, Biden’s recent travels have been marred by protests, particularly regarding the administration’s stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Demonstrations have interrupted several of Biden’s recent events, including rallies promoting abortion rights, highlighting the challenges amidst his campaign efforts.

In comparison, Trump’s political operation amassed significant funds in the final months of last year, although Biden’s campaign reported record-breaking fundraising figures, outpacing previous Democratic candidates at this stage in the election cycle.

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