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Putin gifts Kim Jong Un luxury Russian Limousine, strengthening diplomatic ties

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Vladimir Putin has bestowed upon Kim Jong Un a lavish Russian Aurus limousine as a gesture of goodwill, following the North Korean leader’s expressed admiration for the vehicle during his visit to Russia last year. The Kremlin revealed on Tuesday that Putin personally presented the luxury car to Kim, highlighting the amicable relations between the two nations.

During Kim’s trip to eastern Russia in September, Putin showcased one of his black armored limousines to Kim, who joined Putin for a ride at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, displaying evident satisfaction with the vehicle. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov explained that Kim’s appreciation for the car during his visit prompted the decision to gift it to him, emphasizing Russia’s commitment to fostering relations with neighboring countries, including North Korea.

The exchange comes amidst heightened diplomatic engagement between Russia and nations like North Korea and Iran, which are at odds with the United States. Despite Western concerns, both Moscow and Pyongyang deny allegations of military cooperation, instead pledging to deepen their ties.

The official North Korean news agency, KCNA, reported that the Russian-made limousine was handed over to Kim’s representatives on February 18th. Kim’s sister conveyed his gratitude to Putin, underscoring the special rapport between the two leaders.

South Korea’s foreign ministry, while monitoring developments, reminded both Russia and North Korea to adhere to U.N. Security Council resolutions, which prohibit the transfer of luxury vehicles to North Korea.

The Aurus limousine, touted as Russia’s premier luxury sedan and Putin’s official presidential vehicle, joins Kim’s collection of high-end cars, despite international sanctions banning such imports into North Korea.

In a separate report, KCNA announced that multiple North Korean delegations, spanning various sectors including information technology, fisheries, and sports, have engaged in exchanges with Russia, signaling ongoing bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

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