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FTC set to issue $1.25 million in refunds for misleading LASIK ads

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Tuesday its intention to refund $1.25 million to consumers who may have been deceived by the advertising tactics of the nation’s largest LASIK chain. LCA-Vision, operating under the monikers LasikPlus and Joffe MediCenter, reached a settlement with the FTC over allegations of deceptive marketing practices.

The FTC revealed that nearly 160,000 individuals across the United States could qualify for a refund after being lured by advertisements promising LASIK surgery for as little as $300 per eye. However, the majority of consumers were not eligible for this promotional price, with only 6.5% meeting the stringent criteria, such as having near-normal vision.

According to the FTC, many consumers wasted their time attending LASIK consultations only to discover that the actual cost of the surgery far exceeded their expectations. The advertised price often failed to disclose that it applied per eye, and most individuals received quotes ranging from $1,800 to $2,295 per eye.

The commission plans to notify 159,711 eligible consumers via email or letter, prompting them to file a claim for a refund if they visited a LasikPlus or Joffe MediCenter facility for a consultation but ultimately declined the surgery due to the inflated pricing. Claims can be submitted online at www.ftc.gov/lasik by May 20, 2024, with payment distribution expected later in the year.

Individual refund amounts will be contingent upon various factors, including the total number of claimants. Consumers seeking assistance with their claims can reach out to the administrator at 1-877-871-0504.

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