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Haley sharpens contrast with Trump ahead of S.C. primary

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In the lead-up to the South Carolina Republican primary, Nikki Haley has intensified her efforts to differentiate herself from Donald Trump, emphasizing her ability to unite Americans despite the former president’s electoral victories and popularity in her home state.

With the primary set for Saturday, Haley faces a significant challenge. Trump’s 2016 primary triumph solidified his position as the frontrunner, and he enjoys support from key elected officials in South Carolina, as well as the majority of its Republican representatives.

However, Haley contends that her resilience in the race, outlasting numerous other candidates, demonstrates her long-term commitment. Despite previous losses to Trump, her increased fundraising efforts signal her determination to persevere.

A central aspect of Haley’s campaign strategy is her emphasis on foreign policy expertise, stemming from her tenure as Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations. She frequently highlights areas where she diverges from Trump, particularly regarding NATO alliances and dealings with foreign adversaries.

During a recent town hall on Fox News, Haley criticized Trump’s approach to NATO, advocating for a more diplomatic stance. She reiterated these sentiments during campaign stops, including a notable event in Sumter, where she denounced Trump’s alignment with Vladimir Putin.

Haley’s campaign has also released a new television ad, “Unite,” which underscores her ability to navigate international conflicts and unite the country. The ad positions Haley as a leader who can provide moral clarity and stability, particularly in times of crisis.

Despite trailing in polls, Haley remains steadfast in her belief that she is the best choice to lead the party away from what she describes as the “chaos” of the Trump era. She points to narrowing margins between her and Trump in previous contests as evidence of her growing momentum.

In a strategic move, Haley has begun reaching out to Democratic-leaning voters, encouraging them to participate in the Republican primary as a means of expressing opposition to Trump. This appeal for crossover support underscores Haley’s efforts to broaden her voter base and position herself as a unifying figure in a polarized political landscape.

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