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The Transit Workers Union is intensifying pressure on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to bolster measures safeguarding their employees in response to a recent spate of assaults within the transit system.

Noreen Mallory, a 58-year-old MTA station agent, recounted a harrowing incident where she sustained a fractured eye socket during an assault at the Wall Street subway station. Standing alongside union leaders, Mallory emphasized the urgent need for safety prioritization following the Valentine’s Day attack.

Abdellahi Mohammed, 25, stands accused of assaulting Mallory, allegedly triggered when she attempted to rouse him. Despite the assailant’s subsequent arrest, Mallory noted the absence of police presence during the incident, underscoring the plea for heightened security measures within subway facilities.

Union representatives, led by TWU Station Vice President Robert Kelley, directed their demands towards MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber, emphasizing a firm stance on accountability and safety enforcement moving forward.

In a separate incident, another MTA employee suffered an assault at the 167th street station in the Bronx, where assailants reportedly hurled a tennis ball at the conductor’s face. This escalation in violence underscores the pressing need for immediate action.

Acknowledging the concerning rise in transit worker assaults, MTA officials revealed plans to enhance station lighting for heightened visibility, complementing existing surveillance measures. The proposed initiative, slated for completion in 2026, aims to instill a greater sense of security across subway platforms and stations.

Amid mounting concerns, the union’s call for enhanced protection reflects a critical juncture in ensuring the safety and well-being of transit workers navigating New York City’s bustling transportation network. As stakeholders continue to grapple with escalating incidents, concerted efforts between the MTA, law enforcement, and union representatives remain paramount in fostering a secure transit environment for all.

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