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Biden’s health under scrutiny as annual medical exam sparks election-year speculation

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President Joe Biden underwent his final annual medical examination on Wednesday, creating a buzz over the 81-year-old’s physical and mental fitness for a potential second term. The White House announced that the test results from Walter Reed military medical facility would be disclosed later in the day, with keen interest in the well-being of the oldest-ever American leader.

In the lead-up to November’s election, where Biden is expected to face 77-year-old former president Donald Trump, concerns about the president’s age have escalated. A helicopter ride to the medical center, often used by US presidents, marked Biden’s departure from the White House for the examination. “I’m going to Walter Reed to get my physical,” he stated as reporters questioned him.

The scrutiny intensified after a recent special counsel report portrayed Biden as elderly and forgetful, though it cleared him of retaining classified documents illegally. Described as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” the report fueled concerns among voters. Biden vehemently defended himself, emphasizing that his memory was “fine” in a press conference.

This week, Biden adopted a more light-hearted approach, attempting to redirect the focus onto Trump during an interview with Seth Meyers. He quipped about being a better option than “the other guy” who is only a few years younger.

Last year, Biden received a clean bill of health in his medical exam, with his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, affirming him as a “healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male fit to execute the duties of the Presidency.” Trump, Biden’s rival, consistently portrays him as old and unfit for office, despite Trump himself being 77 and facing scrutiny for verbal gaffes and memory lapses.

As the election season gains momentum, the health status of both candidates becomes a focal point. While Trump released a note declaring him in “excellent” health last year, lacking specific details, Biden’s medical results will be eagerly awaited, providing crucial insights into the fitness of the contenders for the highest office in the land.

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