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NYC Public Advocate, Bronx Borough President commend Black activists in joyous BHM celebration

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In a heartening Black History Month celebration hosted by the Office of the New York City (NYC) Public Advocate and the office of the Bronx Borough President, a chorus of appreciation resonated as they expressed gratitude to all who joined the event.

The gathering served as a platform to honor impassioned advocates for their unwavering commitment to justice and the courage that propels their impactful endeavors.

The essence of the celebration transcended a single day, recognizing the continuous efforts of Black activists who shape the trajectory of our future.

The event emphasized the profound connection between the present and the historical roots that inspire and guide these changemakers.

Both the NYC Public Advocate and the Bronx Borough President reiterated their commitment to honoring Black history and activism throughout the year.

However, the celebration was a poignant moment dedicated to recognizing and applauding those who employ their voices, talents, and platforms to inspire and support others in their journey towards positive change.

The atmosphere was filled with joy as attendees collectively acknowledged the significance of these individuals as catalysts for progress and inclusion within their communities.

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