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Adams adviser on medical leave after FBI raid

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Mayor Eric Adams expressed unwavering confidence in his longtime aide, Winnie Greco, amidst recent developments on Friday. Greco, a pivotal figure in fundraising for Adams’ successful mayoral campaign, currently serves as the Director of Asian Affairs in Mayor Adams’ administration.

On Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) executed searches at two properties owned by Greco, situated in the Bronx. Sources reveal that during the search, Greco required medical attention and was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance. Consequently, she has taken medical leave from her duties at City Hall.

In addition to the Bronx residences, federal agents conducted a raid at the New World Mall in Queens on the same day. This mall served as a venue for multiple campaign fundraisers during Mayor Adams’ mayoral bid. The raids come in the wake of an ongoing investigation initiated by the city’s Department of Investigation following allegations brought to light by The City, suggesting irregularities in Greco’s fundraising methods and potential misuse of her official capacity for personal gain, including allegations regarding renovation work on her property.

When pressed on the matter during an interview with NY1, Mayor Adams emphasized the importance of due process, stating, “those who are doing reviews of any actions that may be perceived to be incorrect, they’re going to do their job.” He reiterated his administration’s commitment to upholding stringent ethical standards, emphasizing adherence to both legal and regulatory frameworks.

A spokesperson from City Hall reaffirmed their dedication to ethical governance, emphasizing the imperative of compliance with established guidelines. Mayor Adams underscored his consistent stance on adherence to the law and regulations, reflecting on his extensive law enforcement career and public service. He concluded, “I’ve been very clear, follow the rules. Follow the law, follow the rules. I said it throughout my entire law enforcement career, and I’ve said it in my public life as well.”

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