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President Barrow unveils healthcare vision for Gambia

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In a meeting today, President Adama Barrow hosted the Director General of the West Africa Health Organization, Melchoir, to deliberate on crucial advancements in the Gambia’s healthcare sector.

The discussions centered around President Barrow’s visionary plan to revolutionize healthcare, highlighting initiatives such as the expansion of Farato Hospital to accommodate 1,500 beds, the establishment of a national ambulance command center, and the construction of a state-of-the-art facility for kidney transplants and open-heart surgeries.

President Barrow, asserting that “health is a right,” underscored the significance of collaborative efforts within the sub-region to enhance healthcare services. During the meeting, he advised Dr. Melchoir on the need to bolster sub-regional arrangements for resource mobilization, recognizing the pivotal role played by united efforts in delivering essential services.

The president’s emphasis on prioritizing healthcare stems from the economic strain caused by health tourism, negatively impacting the national economy and contributing to inflation. President Barrow urged a proactive approach to address this issue, emphasizing the importance of focusing on health to alleviate the financial burden on the nation.

This high-profile meeting not only showcased the Gambia’s commitment to improving healthcare but also underscored the President’s dedication to addressing critical challenges in the sector.

As the nation gears up for transformative healthcare reforms, President Barrow’s ambitious vision aims to ensure that healthcare remains a fundamental right for all citizens.

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