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TED to all women and girls: A call for equity and action

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By Dr. Toutou Moussa Diallo

If we are true to our commitment in increasing equity for all women and girls, then we must be a
change agent. Be a voice for women who are the backbones of our society; women that bring life; and
care for their offspring. Often, women and girls suffer most because of being neglected and
marginalized by the same people their bear children to and their own country leaders.

Women and girls will continue to suffer and become subjects of negative outcomes in their environments.

This subjection to unexpected circumstances leads to poverty which in turn tends to exacerbate and stay longer because of lack of responsibility, accountability, and equity. If we as leaders, activists, and stakeholders want to put an end to this pervasive and perpetuating cause and effect, we must be accountable to uphold women and girls’ rights and to properly complete our tasks in dealing with women and girls issues.

Accountability influences today contemporary culture where there is a lot of division. Women and girls
are still part of this culture. They continue to be discriminated and left alone to fend for themselves.

Most of the time, access to opportunities is herald in every corner, however, it basically deprives large
number of women and girls from their basic human rights.

Stakeholders should enforce resolution
75/290B in their respective countries and create innovative programs to support women and girls.
We must ask ourselves the following questions. How long are we going to verbalize the tenants of
human rights and act upon them? Yet those in dire need of that their basic rights continue to face
oppression and marginalization in their daily lives. How long are we going to support country leaders
whose agenda is none other than filling up their pockets? How long will it take us to build school in
every village, provide school supplies, instructors, school cantines, water, and latrines? How long will it
take to provide adult education to every woman on this earth? How long will it take to provide
innovative socio-economic solutions to women and girls? When will unnecessary internal wars caused by imperialists and neo-colonialists stop? What will you do about these internal wars?

Women and girls are becoming bargaining chips and continue to suffer more. The advancement of women and girls, eradicating poverty, providing quality education, and improving the well-being of women and girls are in the hands of their countries leaders.

The neglect of women and girls issues and being treating as second-class citizen will impede the progress of any country.

The sustainability of goals 4 (Quality Education), 5 (Gender Equity), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) depends on the commitment and dedication of the CEDAW Committee (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women).

Happy International Women Day!

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