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Trump challenges Biden to debates ‘Anytime’ after super Tuesday wins

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In the wake of their resounding victories in the Super Tuesday primaries, former President Donald Trump has issued a challenge to President Joe Biden for televised debates as the two political heavyweights gear up for a potential White House rematch.

Trump, representing the Republican Party, declared his readiness for a televised showdown with Democratic President Biden, asserting his willingness to engage in debates “anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” a sentiment conveyed in all capital letters via his social media platform, Truth Social.

The Biden campaign swiftly responded, characterizing Trump’s challenge as a ploy for attention, alleging that the former president is grappling with a struggle to broaden his appeal among voters. Despite the exchange of verbal jabs, no formal arrangements for debates have been solidified leading up to the November election.

The call for debates came on the heels of Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the Republican presidential race, leaving Trump as the undisputed frontrunner for the party’s nomination.

In his online post, Trump emphasized the importance of addressing crucial issues facing the nation through debates, proposing that such forums could be organized by either the Democratic National Committee or the Commission on Presidential Debates, an entity he criticized as a “subsidiary” of the Democratic Party.

Amidst speculation regarding the candidates’ readiness to engage in debates, the Biden campaign refrained from explicitly stating whether President Biden would accept Trump’s challenge, redirecting attention to the upcoming State of the Union address scheduled for Thursday evening, suggesting that Trump tune in to witness the president’s address to the nation.

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