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Westchester unveils 60-page new travel guide

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In a groundbreaking move to boost its thriving tourism industry, Westchester County Tourism & Film has launched a visually stunning travel and meeting guide.

The 60-page publication, adorned with captivating photos and sleek graphics, proves to be a valuable resource for both residents and visitors, shining a spotlight on the county’s diverse offerings.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer emphasized the guide’s significance, revealing that the local tourism and travel sector contributes a whopping $2 billion annually to the economy. The guide, he explained, stands as a pivotal tool to promote businesses benefiting from travel, tourism, and visitor spending within the county.

Latimer said, “We have a thriving tourism and travel industry in Westchester County that generates $2 billion annually, supports thousands of jobs and provides millions in tax revenue for the local economy. The destination guide is one of the many tools used to promote the many businesses that benefit from travel, tourism and visitor spending in our County.”

Overflowing with iconic sites, venues, and a plethora of events and activities, the guide simplifies travel planning. From exquisite hotels and conference centers to a vibrant dining scene, exceptional arts and cultural attractions, outstanding entertainment, outdoor adventures, and abundant shopping options, the guide is a comprehensive roadmap for both locals and tourists alike. The fold-out map proves particularly handy, allowing visitors to efficiently plan itineraries covering multiple points of interest.

Director of Tourism & Film Natasha Caputo expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Whether you’re seeking family fun, cultural activities, conference spaces, group tour opportunities, team-building programs, great dining spots, or a romantic getaway, the Westchester Destination Guide is your key to planning an unforgettable experience for both business and leisure travel.” With a promise of unforgettable experiences, Westchester County’s tourism guide emerges as a gem, inviting all to explore the richness it has to offer.

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