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FDNY Commissioner apologizes for firefighters booing State Attorney General

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FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh expressed regret to attendees at the Christian Cultural Center on Sunday after State Attorney General Letitia James faced jeers from firefighters during a promotion ceremony at the Brooklyn church on Thursday.

“We have decades of training and discipline that none of us want to see tarnished by the unprofessional behavior of a few,” stated Kavanaugh during her address on Sunday.

Upon James’ arrival at the podium during Thursday’s event, she was met with boos from several firefighters, with some chanting “Trump.” Responding to the disruption, James urged for respect, stating, “Oh, come on. We’re in a house of God,” as she attempted to address the audience.

Acknowledging the disturbance, James managed the situation by encouraging the crowd to calm down, saying, “Simmer down. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for getting it out of your system.”

Following the incident, an FDNY spokesperson confirmed an investigation into the matter, emphasizing that the focus is on upholding professionalism at official events, irrespective of political affiliations, particularly within a religious setting.

Regina Wilson, President of the FDNY’s Vulcan Society, condemned the firefighters’ behavior, citing it as a recurring issue. Wilson highlighted the disrespectful conduct, stating that the firefighters have previously shown disregard for the church during past events.

Addressing the underlying issues, Wilson criticized the lack of leadership within the FDNY and emphasized the disrespect shown towards the East New York community. She underscored that the incident reflects a broader pattern of disregard for the community by some members of the FDNY.

While Commissioner Kavanaugh issued an apology for the incident, Wilson expressed skepticism about its impact, particularly concerning people of color within the department. This incident comes amid Attorney General James’ recent victory in a civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump, underscoring the broader context within which the disruption occurred.

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