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Republican congressman Ken Buck announces abrupt retirement, Jeopardizes GOP majority

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Republican Congressman Ken Buck has announced his sudden retirement from the House of Representatives before the completion of his term, sending ripples of uncertainty through the ranks of the GOP. Buck’s decision, revealed without prior warning, is set to thin the Republican majority, complicating their legislative efforts and political maneuvering in Congress.

The unexpected announcement caught Speaker Mike Johnson off guard, who confessed to being taken aback by the news, admitting he had no prior knowledge of Buck’s intentions to step down.

This unforeseen development now leaves the Republican Party with a narrow margin of 218 seats compared to the Democrats’ 213, significantly hampering their ability to secure crucial votes for advancing their policy agenda.

During a candid interview with CNN following his announcement, Buck lamented the challenges he faced during his tenure in Congress, labeling the past year as “the worst” he has experienced in his nine-year and three-month stint on Capitol Hill. His sentiments echoed those of former members, who he claimed had characterized the current congressional climate as the most tumultuous in decades.

“It is the worst year of the nine years and three months that I’ve been in Congress,” Buck expressed. “And having talked to former members it’s the worst year in 40, 50 years to be in Congress. But I’m leaving because I think there’s a job to do out there that I want to go do.”

Buck’s departure comes at a critical juncture for the Republican Party, further exacerbating their challenges in navigating the political landscape and advancing their legislative priorities.

With the House majority hanging in the balance, the GOP now faces heightened pressure to regroup and strategize effectively in the wake of Buck’s unexpected exit.

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