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Schumer helps unlock over $100m in federal funding for city’s migrant crisis

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Senator Charles Schumer’s office announced on Thursday that they have successfully assisted the city in unlocking federal funding for thousands of migrants. City officials had been struggling to access the remaining $107 million in funding for several months.

However, after submitting additional paperwork last week, the federal government has indicated their willingness to release the previously allocated funds, according to Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom.

To expedite the process, a team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was dispatched to the city to assist in finalizing the necessary paperwork. While the city was initially allocated $156 million in federal funds, they had only received $49 million as an advance. Williams-Isom emphasized the importance of keeping things in perspective, stating that over $4 billion has already been spent in managing this national humanitarian crisis. She expressed the city’s continued advocacy for more support and comprehensive immigration reform.

City Hall confirmed that they submitted a detailed budget and waiver for hotel costs last Friday, which triggered the positive change. As part of the announcement, Schumer’s office revealed that the city will now be able to receive a 15% reimbursement for hotel costs, an increase from the previous 10%. City officials had previously expressed frustration with the challenging requirements to access the funds, such as providing alien numbers that were not initially collected. However, with the funds now unlocked, the city can begin the process of submitting costs for reimbursement, specifically related to sheltering and providing services to migrants.

This development marks a significant step forward in addressing the city’s migrant crisis. The availability of federal funding will provide crucial support for the city’s ongoing efforts. While challenges remain, city officials are hopeful that this progress will pave the way for further assistance and ultimately contribute to comprehensive solutions for immigration-related issues.

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