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Mayor Adams launches groundbreaking tenant protection cabinet to safeguard renters’ rights in NYC

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New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams has initiated a pioneering effort aimed at bolstering tenant rights and fortifying housing security with the unveiling of the Tenant Protection Cabinet.

This collaborative endeavor, heralded as the city’s first-ever initiative of its kind, aspires to develop comprehensive policies and long-term strategies to support tenants and ensure equitable and safe housing conditions across the city.

The Tenant Protection Cabinet, following the blueprint of the successful New York City Cabinet for Older New Yorkers, will be co-chaired by Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer and New York City Executive Director for Housing Leila Bozorg.

The formation of this cabinet underscores Mayor Adams’ commitment to addressing the housing and affordability crisis gripping the city, a focal point highlighted in his recent State of the City address.

“Every New Yorker deserves access to safe and fair housing. The launch of the Tenant Protection Cabinet underscores our unwavering commitment to support tenants and working-class families in our city,” stated Mayor Adams, emphasizing the significance of this initiative in the broader context of fostering a more livable and equitable city.

The Cabinet’s mandate spans a multifaceted approach, aiming to streamline information sharing and coordination among over two dozen city agencies. Its objectives include ensuring uniform access to resources for tenants, identifying and targeting areas of highest need through strategic data utilization, and amplifying support for underutilized tenant services.

With the recent release of the New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey highlighting disparities in housing quality based on race/ethnicity, the Cabinet aims to address systemic inequities and ensure that all tenants, regardless of background, reside in safe and fair housing conditions.

This groundbreaking initiative builds upon the Adams administration’s existing efforts, including the establishment of a live operator tenant helpline and robust enforcement measures against negligent landlords.

Moreover, the administration continues to advocate for state-level interventions to alleviate the housing crisis, alongside launching innovative programs to spur housing production and affordability.

The Tenant Protection Cabinet encompasses a wide array of city offices, including the Mayor’s Office, FDNY, ACS, CCHR, DFTA, DOB, DOF, DOHMH, HPD, DSS, DVS, DYCD, and several others, signaling a comprehensive and collaborative approach to address tenant needs and housing challenges.

As the city grapples with a record-high shelter population and escalating housing costs, the establishment of the Tenant Protection Cabinet represents a significant stride towards safeguarding tenants’ rights and fostering housing stability for all New Yorkers.

This landmark initiative underscores Mayor Adams’ steadfast commitment to building a more equitable and resilient city for generations to come.

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