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MTA commends workers as subway crime declines

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Subway safety remains a top priority for MTA riders, with concerns about homelessness adding to feelings of insecurity among passengers. Veteran conductor Courtney Williams, who experienced homelessness firsthand, empathizes with those facing similar challenges.

Williams shared, “I had to sleep on the train after my apartment burned down. I treat the homeless individuals I encounter with respect because I understand their struggles.” MTA leadership, including Transit President Rich Davey and MTA Chair Janno Lieber, took on frontline roles to honor transit workers on National Transit Worker Appreciation Day.

Lieber emphasized the difficulties faced by public sector workers and condemned any mistreatment they may endure. Recent incidents, such as an attack on a bus driver and subway staff, underscored the risks faced by transit workers. Despite these challenges, recent data from the NYPD indicates a significant 38% decrease in subway crime compared to the previous week, excluding a self-defense incident aboard the A train.

This decline follows the deployment of additional security measures, including National Guard troops, MTA and state police, and extra NYPD officers in the transit system. The proactive steps taken by law enforcement and the MTA have contributed to the recent drop in subway crime, providing a safer environment for both workers and passengers.

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