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Mayor Adams secures $77m federal grants to electrify school buses

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Mayor Eric Adams revealed the allocation of $77 million in federal grants aimed at transforming New York City’s transportation infrastructure.

The funds, sourced from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will spearhead initiatives to electrify school buses and establish the nation’s premier electric truck charging depot.

The event, held against the backdrop of yellow school buses, symbolized a pivotal moment in the city’s journey towards a greener and healthier future.

Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi commended the collaborative efforts of the Federal Infrastructure Funding Task Force, highlighting their strategic approach in securing grants that exceeded initial expectations.

Mayor Adams, acknowledging the crucial role of federal partners, emphasized the significance of addressing environmental concerns, particularly in underserved communities like the Bronx.

With a firm commitment to inclusivity, Adams underscored the administration’s dedication to equitable distribution of resources across all five boroughs.

The $77 million grant signifies a monumental step towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainability.

A major component of the initiative involves replacing conventional diesel-powered school buses with eco-friendly electric alternatives, ensuring safer and cleaner transportation for New York City’s youth.

Furthermore, the establishment of the electric truck charging depot at Hunts Point, a vital hub for food distribution, marks a pioneering effort to transition heavy-duty vehicles to electric power.

This groundbreaking project not only promises to significantly reduce air pollution but also create new job opportunities and training programs in the burgeoning green economy.

US Representative Adriano Espaillat echoed Mayor Adams’ sentiments, emphasizing the transformative impact of federal investments in infrastructure.

Highlighting the economic stimulus accompanying such initiatives, Espaillat underscored the importance of job creation and environmental stewardship.

Lisa Garcia, Regional Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), praised the collaborative efforts between federal agencies and local authorities in realizing the vision of a cleaner, healthier New York City.

The allocation of $61 million towards clean school buses exemplifies the collective commitment towards mitigating air pollution and safeguarding public health.

In response to inquiries regarding the impending budgetary challenges due to the sunset of Covid relief funds, Mayor Adams reiterated the administration’s resolve to prioritize essential programs while leveraging federal grants to bridge funding gaps.

The convergence of environmental advocacy and fiscal responsibility underscores the administration’s multifaceted approach towards building a resilient and equitable city.

As New York City embarks on this transformative journey towards sustainability, Mayor Adams’ announcement heralds a new era of progress and environmental stewardship, reaffirming the city’s commitment to creating a healthier, more vibrant future for all its residents.

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