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Meet Polly, Black Labrador enhancing healing at children’s hospital

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In a heartwarming development at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM), a 23-month-old Black Labrador named Polly has taken on a vital role alongside the Child Life Team. Polly, a Certified Facility Dog, funded by NHL Player Kevin Shattenkirk, is set to provide crucial support to young patients as they navigate hospitalizations and medical procedures.

This initiative coincides with the celebration of Child Life Month, highlighting the indispensable contribution of Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) in aiding young patients.

Director of the Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program at CHAM, Meghan D. Kelly, expressed the significance of Polly’s addition to the team, emphasizing the evolving nature of Child Life specialization aimed at aiding children through challenging medical experiences.

Polly underwent extensive training under the guidance of expert instructors at Canine Companions, a testament to her readiness to fulfill her role as a comforting companion to young patients.

Polly’s arrival at CHAM was made possible through the generosity of Kevin Shattenkirk, whose support extends beyond financial contributions to tangible assistance in enhancing the hospital’s facilities and services.

Shattenkirk, a former New York Ranger and current Boston Bruins defenseman, emphasized the profound impact of Child Life Specialists during his visits to CHAM, motivating him and his wife, Deanna, to facilitate Polly’s integration into the team.

As a dedicated member of the Child Life team, Polly will engage in various activities aimed at supporting young patients physically and emotionally. From encouraging post-surgery recovery to facilitating open conversations about challenging topics, such as eating disorders, Polly’s gentle presence promises to make a difference in the lives of children at CHAM.

Under the care of her designated Certified Child Life Specialist, Katy Dessick, Polly will interact with approximately seven patients daily, offering tailored support to meet individual needs.

Katy Dessick, Polly’s caregiver, expressed gratitude to Kevin Shattenkirk and Canine Companions for their instrumental roles in bringing Polly to CHAM, underscoring the rarity of having facility dogs within children’s hospitals.

This initiative not only symbolizes the intersection of compassion and innovation but also exemplifies the unwavering commitment to holistic healing and well-being at CHAM.

In essence, Polly’s presence serves as a beacon of hope and comfort, embodying the collaborative efforts of compassionate individuals and organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of young patients at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

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