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AOC condemns genocide in Gaza, urges US to halt supply of weapons to Israel

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a compelling address within the halls of the House of Representatives, advocating for a cessation of weapons provision to Israel by the United States.

Emphasizing the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, she decried the Israeli blockade, which the United Nations has identified as propelling the region towards famine.

Ocasio-Cortez poignantly underscored the devastating toll, citing the loss of thousands of lives, predominantly women and children, amid dwindling medical infrastructure, all amidst the backdrop of US-backed initiatives.

In her address, Ocasio-Cortez invoked the chilling reality of unfolding genocide, highlighting the stark imagery of widespread starvation and the desperation of children resorting to consuming grass while vital aid remains obstructed.

Watch AOC’s speech here.

Ocasio-Cortez said on Friday that the US cannot continue to “facilitate” mass killings in Gaza in the name of honouring its alliance with Israel.

“The time is now to force compliance with US law and the standards of humanity, and fulfill our obligations to the American people to suspend the transfer of US weapons to the Israeli government in order to stop and prevent further atrocity,” the congresswoman said.

She added, “There is no world in which the forced famine of 1.1 million people cannot be considered genocide. And that is exactly what we are watching unfold in Gaza now.

“We must enforce U.S. laws and halt weapons transfers to the Israeli government to stop an atrocity in the making.”

Her stance marks a significant departure from previous critiques, as she now aligns with voices branding Israel’s actions as genocidal—a stance she had been previously chastised for not adopting.

Contrary to the Biden administration’s stance dismissing claims of systematic human rights abuses by Israel, Ocasio-Cortez firmly rebuked the notion of facilitating such atrocities under the guise of allegiance.

She urged adherence to US legal mandates and moral imperatives, asserting that the US must wield its influence to halt the perpetuation of suffering in Gaza by suspending arms transfers.

Ocasio-Cortez’s plea underscores the urgency of addressing the unfolding tragedy in Gaza and challenges the moral compass guiding US-Israel relations.

She implores a recalibration of policy, emphasizing the imperative to prevent further atrocities and honor commitments to humanitarian principles—a call to action resonating beyond the chambers of Congress.

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